The Need for Sustainable Technology

We heavily reply upon technology in every aspect of our lives, whether it’s staying in touch with friends and family around the world, shopping online, unwinding after a busy day, or helping us organize appointments, it’s something we have become hugely dependent upon and can’t live without. Our smart phones are never far from our side waiting to report for duty.

In the business world, our technology allows us to develop at an extraordinary rate. Smart phones alone allow us to be accessible and in touch with every aspect of our business through the wide range of apps and features they offer. Our phones now offer us the tools we need to run a business on the move 24/7.

Never before have we been able to achieve so much and so quickly due to the strong support of our technology. Even smaller business can easily find themselves expanding rapidly due to the ease and speed of networking through social media, Skype and other internet channels. Technology has made the previously time consuming aspect of business such as research, networking, and admin, more efficient and speedy meaning we can focus on the other important aspect of business such as developing our client lists.

When our trusted gadgets are as affordable as they are, it’s no wonder we strive for the latest upgrades and models upon their release in the hope they offer us something bigger and better.

However, our love for technology is rapidly depleting our earth’s resources. While it’s not the first thought that springs to mind as we excitedly order a new gadget, it’s something we should begin to consider. Many of us are too quick to throw away old tech, some still functions adequately; it’s just not up to date. Despite there being several outlets in which to recycle (many of which offer financial rewards for doing so), not enough of us take part in recycling technology.

This infographic was developed by to highlight just how the development of technology impacts the earth’s resources and why it is important to start considering what we do with our old unwanted gadgets to preserve future production. – It’s really you

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