What about Polyface Farming

Polyface Farms offers a world-leading example of how a small family farm can become an extremely diverse and profitable Local Food producer.  The benefits of Local Food Systems can create resilience, stability and abundance for both local farmers and the wider community by being beneficial to the environment by integrating soil enrichment and nutrition management into the production processes.

Featured in Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and in the films FRESH and FOOD, Inc., Joel and his family at Polyface Farms exemplify successful small-scale farming and the growing re-localization movement. Polyface is a working model of how small farms can produce pastured poultry (eggs, broilers, turkeys), salad bar beef, free-range pork, forage-based rabbits and forestry products, and then sell those products through successful relationship marketing within the local community.

With Polyface Farm perhaps being the most mimicked regenerative agriculture operation going around today,  it helps to get a really clear picture of what’s going on. In the videos below you can get a glimpse of the methodology.

Note, however, that the Polyface method on a larger scale is not entirely as sustainable as we perhaps like to see it. The efficiency advantages as well as the health and well being of animals is a large step in the right direction though. The original method was developed to be a business model and increase efficiency as well as product quality and animal well-being.

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