Discussing Solar Energy

Due to misuse of the solar power incentive programs by large corporations, the Lithuanian government has, for the time being, suspended the program. The intended use of the program was to give an incentive for small businesses and private parties to switch to renewable energy sources; however, due to loopholes in the legislation, large companies and investors were able to take advantage and the government has decided to put the program on hold. This decision was made in December 2012. A new decision on how to fix the shortcoming of the program is expected in May 2013.

We at IzReaL.eu have met with the manufacturer of high quality solar panels in Vilnius and have agreed to research the possibilities of a partnership. The production facilities in Vilnius are state of the art, focusing on quality and participating in social projects in regard to employment. More information on our visit and a detailed journal of our findings will be published on this site shortly.


If you are interested in, or considering getting solar power for your home or small business be sure to check back regularly for updates on this subject. If you have any questions in regard to renewable energy please feel free to contact us here.

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