The Corporation Manipulation Model of Food

Permitting corporations to genetically modify, synthetically process and artificially preserve substances for you to ingest, and then calling it “food” insults our health and well-being. The claim that starving masses must be given cheap alternatives is a fabrication to let them trod  upon our garden.


To describe Primal Eating, allow me to contradistinguish with its opposite: the corporate manipulation model.

Permitting corporations to genetically modify, synthetically process and artificially preserve substances for you to ingest, and then calling it “food” insults our health and well-being.

You will hear many arguments as to why they feel it necessary to promote this disease-riddled behavior. They claim that to feed an over-populated world of dwindling resources, the starving and low economic masses must be given cheap alternatives to quality food. They fabricated this argument, as the footprint of simple eating is magnitudes lighter than their heavy iron clad boots with which they trod upon our garden.

Trusting a corporation to alter the makeup of your food because they promote their humanitarian intent, when they stand to profit from your addiction and disease, is like trusting an elected official to represent your values, because they purport to philanthropically believe in your interest, when they stand to profit from attaining and remaining in office due to contributions from dubious lobbies in exchange for unknown favors.

Anything someone says to you, who stand to profit from your decreased health, should be held suspect from their bias. They may attempt to suspend your good judgment by switching to an argument of survival subsistence claiming, “You must accept a degree of lesser quality if we are to feed the world inexpensively. You can’t afford high quality food.”

We cannot afford low quality! We are made of food we eat. Eating lesser quality is not the solution. Eating better is. And frankly, you cannot afford high quality only because they have made conventional access methods expensive. So, we must return to simple methods of self-reliability to outmaneuver this covert extortion.

You may feel like you have no option but to eat their products, but remember your power to vote in the marketplace with your dollar. You may feel extorted to accept their selections. But you hold the power to change the industry. If you resist consuming these non-food ingestibles, you will force corporations to change their offerings.

Corporations must provide the needs you demand in order to operate. But if you do not define those needs, their profit margin will define your needs for you, and your potential decreased health and increased disease becomes an acceptable loss (especially if they stand to profit from it.)

I despise sounding conspiratorial, but unfortunately, I’ve been around long enough to observe this mutation in the food industry which accelerated forty years ago. Some of us can remember what simple eating was like for we ate that way, or recall our parents or grandparents doing so. But the next generations—our children and children’s children—face a world unfamiliar with this experience. They will walk alone and unaware of what they consume, unless we object.

Discuss with our community and educate yourself. Empower yourself and express your dissatisfaction. Ally yourselves together. Stand up and speak out. Point out bias. Resist coercion. Invest in high quality. Respect your right to personal dignity in your food, for you are what you eat.

Very respectfully,
Scott Sonnon

Scott Sonnon is a Master of Sport, World Martial Arts Champion, USA National Coach, and Federal Consultant. He overcame childhood obesity, learning disabilities and joint disease, to be named by Men’s Fitness Magazine one of the top 24 trainers in the world, and by Black Belt Magazine as one of the 6 most influential martial artists of the century.

Despite incredible obstacles, Scott became the first foreigner in the 1990s to officially receive an invitation and to intern behind xUSSR’s “Iron Curtain” in their national martial art style called “Sambo” and became one of the first 20 Westerners to earn the discipline’s highest athletic distinction: “Master of Sport.” As the USA National Sambo Team Coach, he repeatedly applied his strategies to win international titles for himself and his athletes. To test himself, he came out of retirement at the age of 40, for the 2010 World Martial Art Games, and won 5 gold medals for his country; in Sport Jiujitsu, Submission Grappling, and amateur MMA, against fighters half his age and 100 lbs heavier teams worldwide. – It’s really you

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