Status update 03-06-2013

A busy time it is indeed at the project, as the greens are shooting for the moon and the construction materials are steadily piling up in the yard, waiting for their incorporation in the extension of the house. Spring is in full swing and it is making its way to summer. The temperatures are hovering around the mid-twenties with the occasional thirty-something breaking a sweat.


Since our last update we have continued with the digging of our drainage system and other various water management systems. Our grey water will be disposed of through a wicking beds system. The drainage system still needs to be hooked up to our pond, which will, in time, provide the necessary cooling off after a visit to our sauna which we are currently restoring.


Also a few more raised beds have popped up in the fields to house the veggies which will feed us- a step further towards self sufficiency. The construction work in the barn dedicated for our chickens is nearing completion and we are currently working on a design for our chicken tractor which we will probably have built by the time you will read the next status update.

On a less pleasant note we have witnessed the destruction of an empty house in our street as it burned to the ground after it was struck by lightning. As we were just taking pictures of the thunderstorm we saw it happen before our eyes. We later found out we even took a picture of the strike itself. In the video below you can see the ferocious appetite of fire in a wooden house.

Please be safe and be sure to check back with us later, for now the crew greets you. – It’s really you

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