Smooth sailing on rough seas

In our quest for hidden treasure, somewhere among the raging currents of the interwebs we have stumbled upon a diamond in the rough. At a port called reason, we ran into the captain of the Flagship movement and his crew. A brightly feathered bunch they are indeed. An international society of gentle men and women, experts with hands on experience in natural building technology, permaculture, health and safety, survival, organic agriculture, renewable energy and all things related to adopt to a sustainable future. Knowledgeable and motivated to take matters into their own hands today. Raising the bar, not because they must, but because they can.

The Flagship Movement
The Flagship Movement

The flagship movement is currently working on the development of standards on each of the related subjects in order to establish best practices. Taking in to consideration all global variations, in climate, in available resources and combining traditional local knowledge with 21st century technology to come up with innovative solutions and develop tested and honest alternatives based on real values, true to the society we are part of.

At we fully recognize the need for such development and promote the pursuit of excellence. It is therefor we have accepted the challenge and chosen to join the fleet of the Flagship movement.

The movement is currently working on building a fierce and mighty battleship which will spearhead the campaign. It will allow you to be at the helm while plotting your course trough the rich bounty of knowledge and adventures of those who sailed before you.  You can man the cannons and blow all the rat invested merchant ships out of the water. But that’s not all which awaits you….

Each ship in the fleet will provide insights and opportunities, workshops, seminars, instructional video’s and many more offerings for you to feast on while sailing smoothly on the rough seas.

More to come soon….

If you are interested in being part of the crew feel free to contact us. If you have programming /web development skills, please please pretty please contact us. – It’s really you

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