Status Update 07-03-2014

As it seems winter has come and gone, she was a gentle visitor this year. The first rays of spring sun are slowly shading the grey and golden fields with a blushing green while the early birds challenge the long silence with their song of summer to come. With such pleasant company work seems light and the longer days lift the spirit while plans for the season are slowly taking shape left and right.

second floor view

With many new challenges and adventures waiting for us there is no time to waste left in our schedule, as there are seeds to be sown, grounds to be mulched, strangers to be met, walls to be plastered, trees to be cut, floors to be laid, wood to be split, fun to be had, houses, saunas and heaters to be built, friends to be welcomed, workshops and classes to be prepared, campfires to be lit and lakes to be filled, among other things.

Since our last update which has been a while we have managed to finally secure all necessary permits and approval to continue our build as well as move forward with the zoning change. For which we are still seeking your help in the form of crowdfunding, so please click here , donate if you can and please share the link.

Chopping wood
Chopping wood

In the mean time we will be busy continuing work on our house, the temperatures have risen to a level where we can plaster, so work on the rooms and the kitchen can now commence, while also allowing us to put a scratch coat of lime plaster on the complete structure and start preparing it for its finish.


We are also pleased to be able to introduce some new members of the crew to you soon. A few good people have found the courage and the will to make a change in their life and will be joining our project from the beginning of May. You will read their stories here shortly.

Who's who
Who’s who

If you feel like doing something different for your holidays this year, there are still a few places left for volunteers this summer, read more about volunteering here, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The last few months we also have been working on strengthening our project by joining and contributing to The Flagship Movement,  the flagship movement is an NPO(Not for Profit Organisation) working to develop standards on each subject related to sustainable living in order to establish best practices and guarantee quality. Taking into consideration all global variations, in climate, in available resources and combining traditional local knowledge with 21st century technology to come up with innovative solutions and develop tested and honest alternatives based on real values, true to the society we are part of.

At we fully recognize the need for such development and promote the pursuit of excellence. It is therefor we have accepted the challenge and chosen to join the fleet of the Flagship movement.


Well nice folks and pretty people, that is about it for now, please be sure to check the options below to keep track of our project or to interact with us when you feel like it.

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