Naturally Smart Designs

A smart design is about more than just looks. It has the ability to solve complex problems. A smart design is relevant, functional and efficient. In this article we share some great designs which we have come across over time and fro which we think could be a great addition to any home. Smart design1

Clever furniture design never ceases to amaze us. We’ve come across some real gems in the past and are continually impressed by designers that manage to reinvent chairs, tables and more with some seriously striking designs. Coming up with a design that looks nice is only part of the process. Ensuring strength, functionality and stability is equally important. Smart design2In order to build great pieces that blend beauty and functionality, your design has to be right. But when you look around for reliable information on the many facets of furniture design, you’ll find there isn’t much out there. Do not let this deter you from trying though as it is through practice, perseverance, trail and error that you can come to amazing results.

“There is no such thing as art…., there are only artists who are favored with a gift of balancing shapes and colors until they get it right. And rarer still, who possess the integrity of character which never rests content with half solutions, but is ready to forego all easy effects, all superficial success for the toil and agony of sincere work.” Ernst H. Gombrich (1950) Smart design3Smart design6 How cool is this coat rack? Designed by Patrick Seha. The piano hanger is a briliant piece of design.

Not only does it look good, it’s also incredibly user-friendly. To hang your coat, you simply unfold hooks as you need them and then flatten them when they’re not in use. The many different levels also make it completely child-friendly too! Smart design4

We have a huge soft spot for wood, and this great looking and rather robust seating arrangement will be duplicated and most likely find a way into our home as soon as the floors will alow. – It’s really you

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