Amazing Owl Cabin

In our ongoing quest for great design and natural building ideas we often come across architectural pieces inspired by organic forms. In this case, the designers at Zebra3 have constructed a truly uniquely shaped cabin. This building is located close to the Rives Arcins in Bordeaux, France. Its ‘organic’ form remarkably replicates the night owls of the land.


In structural terms, the whole building has been constructed from timber components, which resulted in an array of geometric angular facades in the interiors of the cabin. The linearity of the inside is matched by the masterfully crafted cylindrical shape of the exterior form.


This facade is perforated by two round ‘porthole’ windows at the top level that mimic the big eyes of the owl. All of this is topped up by a  shingled roof finish that imitates the feathery texture of the nocturnal predator.


The decor of the cabin’s interior is kept minimal with simple furnishings. The sleeping area is completed with a round-shaped bed that complements the circular windows along with the overall roundish design of the owl-like structure.

owl home 1 Owl-shaped-timber-cabin_1 Owl-shaped-timber-cabin_2 Owl-shaped-timber-cabin_12

snygo_files003-eule-haus Owl-shaped-timber-cabin_13 snygo_files007-eule-haus snygo_files008-eule-haus – It’s really you

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