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The small house movement (also known as the “tiny house movement”) is a popular description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. The traditional dream of a large and spacious home may be becoming a thing of the past. Smaller homes are rising in popularity as more and more people begin to make the most of the benefits that having a small home can bring.

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Tiny 02In addition to the obvious financial benefits of having a small home, there are an impressive number of other advantages too, here are a few of them.


Smaller houses require less resources to build and maintain. Not only does this mean that they are usually cheaper to build, buy or rent, but they also cause far less damage to the environment.

For anyone interested in building their own home, the need for fewer resources and materials also makes it easier to source locally, which cuts transportation and fuel expenditure.

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A smaller house will require less energy to heat and cool, which can drastically reduce energy consumption. This reduced level of energy use benefits the environment anyways, but also makes it easier for households to go off the grid and sustain their own energy consumption.

Tiny 01Consumption

With less space in your home, you will need less “stuff” to fill it. This means fewer items such as furniture, electronics and appliances, and fewer small items such as light fixtures. As well as being an excellent clutter-management technique, reducing the number of items you consume cuts down on the energy and resources needed to manufacture them, the fuel needed to transport them, etc.


With less space in your house, you’ll probably be inclined to spend more time outdoors. Which is healthy but also contributes to your savings as you could have an herb garden, grow your own produce, and generally be more active.

Tiny 03More Time

Homes can be very time consuming. But what if you could vacuum your floor in 1 minute and just be done with it? The size of your home is inversely proportional to the free time that you have. With little home to take care of, you have plenty of time to do the things you really want to do. And that can be considered liberating.

Better Quality Home

Many people dream of having a large house, but, don’t be deluded by grandeur. Bigger is not always better, and there are just as many benefits to living in a small house, as there are to living in a big one. Small houses can make big changes.

Tiny 08You should, in theory, be able to upgrade the quality of the home around you because you’ve been able to cut down on the materials and cost of the home so significantly. Putting in that beautiful natural stone counter-top should not cost that much when it is of a small size. The same goes for all finishes in your home, walls, floors and ceilings.

Those were just a few possible advantages for opting to go smaller, it is however always a matter of personal preference and most certainly there are also drawbacks of going small, here are a few to consider.

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Drawbacks of Tiny Homes

Tiny 10Many people have bedrooms or even closets that are larger than these tiny homes. And the thought of squeezing all of your worldly possessions into such a small space can be daunting.

Organization is a must. You need to utilize every organizing idea for small spaces, otherwise your tiny home will look like a cluttered closet. You won’t want to spend time there.

You can’t have it all. It can be difficult to decide what possessions to take with you into this tiny space, especially if you have abundant or large family heirlooms.

Entertaining is a challenge. Entertaining in a tiny home has limits. In warm months you can go outside, but winter can force you to limit your guest list.

In spite of the challenges, the idea of living in a small house has been gaining popularity in recent years and it is likely it will continue to do so.

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