Strange Beauty

Sometimes normal is good, sometimes it is boring. When it comes to houses most of us seem to think square boxes work well enough. This however is not always the case which leads to some very interesting and often quite beautiful structures.

Strange House 002

Since humans began living in caves, they had the urge to decorate their dwellings.
For most people, it’s an understandable wish to beautify and embellish their homes, surroundings and environments.

odd_house 1      odd_houses3      Stange House 005      Starnge Buildings 003

When describing the dream home, we each have in mind our own ideas and designs. We are all unique and different and this is why each person envisions a space differently.

ct5      Universities Comptete In Solar Powered House Competition      bh1      This and the next are nice

Some people like to keep things simple and classical while others prefer a more adventurous solution. This has sometimes resulted in the creation of some very unusual and intriguing homes.

Strange-House-7      strange house 9      Strange house 004      Strange House  001

For some people, it becomes a life quest, a way to articulate a vision and to validate a life. It’s an attempt to make a dream a reality and to share that dream with the world.

snygo_files011-eule-haus – It’s really you

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