• What is IzReaL?

IzReaL.eu is an open source development platform for sustainable methods of production and distribution.  IzReaL furthermore chooses to aim for all resources required to maintain the organization to be produced on site with durability and sustainability in mind. The cooperative is founded and based in Lithuania, where favorable conditions in terms of housing, biological & organic agriculture and cost effective research and development facilities are present. Over the recent years the region has cradled many new initiatives in regard to responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship. It actively supports this through education, communication and collaboration.

• Why we do what we do?

IzReaL.eu believes in the strength of decentralized local economies. Current economic systems are based on the maximization of private profits while damaging other individuals as well as the planet we all inhabit. IzReaL believes that a system based on value and purpose, with regard for the capability of the individual and all aspects of its environment, is possible. Decentralized and local production of energy and food requirements are beneficial to our ecosystems as well as our well being and our community.

• What are the goals for IzReaL?

IzreaL.eu aims to be self sufficient in every aspect of living, housing, food and energy production while facilitating a sustainable open source production,  research and development platform. By embracing and adapting new as well as old technology and knowledge, our independence on the current global distribution system can be reduced to a minimum. If we can reduce our ecological footprint in such extent, the project is a success.

Why a cooperative ?

IzReaL.eu is more than the usual cooperative organization to begin with. The corporate aspect is an integral part of the community combining the effort of all participants to work on solutions for durability and sustainability issues. The cooperative structuring also allows for each participant to be the engine,  a passenger or be in the drivers seat at the same time.  The legal corporate structure at the same time enables the organization to take responsibility for its operations and add credibility towards its communication with governments and other institutions.

• Who is IzReaL.eu?

IzReaL.eu is a collective effort of individuals from various walks of life, with a variety of backgrounds, which have in common the believe that they want to change and act responsible. To build a world today which is ready for tomorrow with their own hands. IzReaL.eu is an international community.

More information can be found here

 • How will IzReaL achieve its goals?

There are many ideas on how to be self sufficient and sustainable, the actual methods and techniques involved are solutions based on the personal preferences of the participants and the ability to fulfill their ambition. There is no clear cut path to the achievement of the goals IzReaL has set, it merely creates the circumstances to facilitate the participants and maintain its dialogue to enable solutions suitable for the organization as a whole and its environment.

• Where is IzReaL located?

The 5 hectare grounds are located near the town of  Molėtai (Pop. 7500) on the east side of Lithuania (EU member since 2004), 60 kilometers north of the states capital Vilnius. The site is located approximately  25 kilometers from the geographical midpoint of Europe. Some of its participants and its founder has the Dutch nationality, part of the back-office and support are located in The Netherlands.

  • What are the possibilities?

The grounds are purchased to provide ample room for the establishment of housing, production, research and development facilities as well as agriculture/permaculture to ensure self sufficiency in food supplies.  The production of personal dwellings will be undertaken after the fundamental necessities are in place. Other then your own imagination and the boundaries of law, the potential is endless.

• What are impossibilities ?

The acquired grounds are zoned for light commercial, agricultural and residential use, while some of it is registered as forest/wooded area. The possibilities are only limited by the boundaries of the law and our will to be self sufficient and sustainable as a community.

• Can I Join?

Yes. To join IzReaL.eu we ask you to send us your ideas and your plan on how you would like to contribute to the achievement of our goals, be sure to include your motivations as well as your capabilities and expectations. If we at IzReal feel your plan is possible you will become a part of the IzReal crew for a trail period of 3 months in which both parties may terminate the agreement. After 3 months you as a participant will be a partner in IzReal. (how does that work?)

To achieve success as an organization it is essential for IzReaL and its participants to know and fully understand the conditions which allow for this. Meaning the participants must be fully aware of their capabilities and limitations in regard to the task/project. As well as be knowledgeable on the resources and labor involved to enable success.

As a participant of IzReal you will be part of a constant dialogue to determine best practices at any time to ensure maximum sustainability and efficiency in allocating resources. This creates an environment which allows for a continious innovative process and knowledge transfer through collaboration.

More information can be found here and here

• Why should I join?

If you feel a need to change your life and are up for a challenge IzReaL.eu offers an opportunity to work with inspiring people in a beautiful environment. IzReaL.eu  is your opportunity to show your commitment to change as part of a global interconnected community. Building an autonomous and a sustainable way of living, working and learning is a lot of work as well as a world of fun.

• What are the requirements for participation?

Any participant needs to be fully commited to the project and have a strong will to take control and responsibility while the ability to sustain communication and dialogue is equally important.  Knowing yourself, your limitations and your motivation as well as a plan which can be incorporated and is within the IzReaL goals is requested with your application.

More information can be found here and here.

• What will I get at IzReal?

At IzReal we all get the same for our efforts since equality is one of our goals as well as the pillars of our organization. Besides a ton of fun and perhaps some muddy boots you will be sharing the ownership of the cooperation from the day you start.

• What are the risks?

IzReaL.eu is an experimental and a new form of organization, all participation is at personal free will and at personal risk and responsibility. By participating any person within IzReaL takes accountability for themselves as well as the group as a whole by combining effort towards collective responsibility and sustainability. IzReaL.eu meets or exceeds all mandatory saftey regulations with regard to housing and labor codes.  Any mandatory health/scocial security insurance will be dealth with in a collective manner, while legal liability of the coorporation is limited by law to its deposited capital.

IzReal.eu – It’s really you