Natural building classes

From spring 2014 will start with classes in natural building. A chance for you to learn to construct buildings and structures with local, recycled and renewable materials.


The classes will be for a duration of 1 till 5 days in which you will learn how to select and prepare, and build structures using local, natural and renewable materials.

About Our Natural Building Workshops

Natural building workshops teach how to use locally sourced materials such as wood, straw bales and the earth from under your feet, to create homes that are beautiful, sustainable, cost effective, and can be built with minimal expertise.

What makes our natural building workshops unique is that they are usually based around real building projects, where you can gain first hand experience of how to create a real-world structure. Add in the warm, open and friendly atmosphere of the project and you have an opportunity to gain deep knowledge, have great fun, and make like minded friends all at the same time.

Special Group & Traveler Offers

At our location we can also accommodate groups and offer a program incorporating several disciplines. We can offer competitive pricing for combinations of education and leisure activities. Feel free to contact us with your wishes and we will work with you to accommodate you and your group.

Available Techniques and specialisms.

-Foundation and footing techniques.

-Cob building construction.

-Cob oven construction.

-Light straw clay construction.

-Earthen plastering.

-Straw Bale Construction.

-Timber framing.

-Rocket stove construction.

-Rocket mass heater construction.

Also watch our Rocket mass heater build video.

Most of our classes will be given at the Nosenai location. All of our classes include healthy daily meals with local and organic ingredients and fun filled evenings by the campfire.

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