The Casey Key Guest House

This guest residence, located on a barrier island, is set within a mature oak hammock along Sarasota Bay. The wooden structure was inspired by two elements. First, the owner’s one sentence program read, “…respect the land, and the rest will follow”. Secondly, the live oak trees which were shaped by the coastal winds from the west, influenced the structural form of the guest house.

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Bamboo Children’s Paradise

Using locally sourced building materials and local labour is the sustainable way for the now and the future if we’re going to have one. The Dutch company, 24H-Architcture, well known as an innovative and environmentally aware design organisation have built the most beautiful children’s playground, actually more of an activity and learning center, as part of the Eco Villa at the Soneva in Thailand.

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Europe’s Largest Rammed Earth Building

Herzog & de Meuron have done a number of buildings for Ricola, the Swiss cough drop company with the really annoying commercial. Now they have completed the Kräuterzentrum, or herb processing center, where the drying, cutting, blending and storing of the locally grown ingredients takes place. The walls of the building are rammed earth, built by Lehm Ton Erde (Loam Clay Earth).

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