Products & services

Products offered by are fully sustainable, we source our materials through a network of responsible local experts which comply to or exceed our high standards. Working with natural & reclaimed, re/up cycled materials may cause slight variations in the appearance of products. Product function is always as described and is guaranteed.

Services offered by are formed through collaboration with experts, locally and globally to make the highest quality available to its client. Consultancy Services are only available for projects, plans & products which are beneficial to our overall goal and are related to social and ecological sustainability.

Not for Profit Organization (NPO) is a NPO, which does not mean it may not profit from the various activities it undertakes or products it offers, NPO means the goal of is to invest any of its resources which may include profit into expanding the organisation and increasing its sustainability. therefor does not offer price listings as trade is not limited to monetary means of coming to an agreement and should be valuable to all concerned.

Due to our global network we can offer highly competitive products and services by motivated and local professionals backed by an international community of experts with sustainability as standard.


Fuel products

Heating devices

Cooking devices




Construction Materials



Workshops, Seminars, Internships.

Documenting services, Media production & distribution, Web development, Social media strategy planning.

Leisure activities 

Camping, Survival, Fishing, Hiking, Water sports, Event hosting, Guided tours.


Natural Building Consultancy, Project & Product development and design, Project management.

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