Natural Building Consultancy

The interest in natural and traditional building materials has grown enormously in recent years, with more people turning to sustainable, alternatives to conventional building materials.

Natural building is a method of working with materials such as earth, straw, hemp and wood to create inspiring spaces which fire people’s imaginations. Natural building is inherently sustainable and contributes to a happy and healthy living environment.


Armed with the right knowledge, you can carry out much of your own practical work, using traditional building skills. Whether you are an architect, a contractor or a home-owner, we can teach you the essentials of working with traditional materials.

For this purpose we offer workshops in the various disciplines. We can host the workshop at our location in Nosenai or can set up a workshop to be held at a location you find convenient. We can build a program suited to your needs on your request. Please contact us with your questions.

Site visits

For guidance on choosing and specifying the most appropriate materials for your particular situation or for help with diagnosing the causes of failing building fabric, site visits can be a great investment.  An hour or two of our time and experience can often translate into a genuine saving of both labor and money.


Gain valuable advice for efficient and effective planning

Through consultation we have worked with:

  • government organizations
  • architects
  • architectural designers
  • structural engineers
  • builders and homeowners

to provide appropriate solutions for their project.

This consultation role is typically completed during the design process but we have also been asked to get involved during the consent and/or construction process for guidance.

We are happy to meet with you and your design/construction team to discuss creative solutions appropriate to your scope of project.

For information please write to us at: